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The Wrong Feet - The Failure of Elizabeth

One of the things you'll hear about the current unelected head of state is the claim that she “has never put a foot wrong” in 60 years. Unfortunately this claim happens to be complete and utter drivel. Here we are going to itemise just some of Elizabeth Windsor's recent wrongly taken steps: -

1. Buckingham Palace attempted to apply to the State Poverty Fund (money set aside for schools, hospitals and low income families) to pay its fuel bills. 
This demonstrates a quite astonishing sense of entitlement to any, and all, public money. The story, which was confirmed at the time by a 'rather embarrassed' palace official (anonymous as usual), was discovered through Freedom of Information legislation from which the palace has now been made exempt – so that if this happened again we would not be able to discover it, nor what the answer was.  shocking

2. The Despot's Lunch. 
She invited and warmly welcomed other monarchs from around the world, including Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn of Thailand. That monarchy has been mired in an ongoing controversy over the country’s strict lèse-majesté laws, which carry long jail sentences for slights against royal members. They have been used in increasing number, often to stifle political dissent. Earlier that month a 61-year-old man died in prison just months after he was handed down a 20-year jail term for sending text messages about Thailand’s queen. 
Elizabeth Windsor also invited to this lunch Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa of Bahrain. The head of Bahrain’s Khalifa dynasty has been criticised for his country’s violent crackdown of predominantly Shia Muslim opposition protests. Human-rights groups have heavily criticised the pace of change and continued violence. Only that week a second autopsy by an independent pathologist on a young man, who an official report declared had drowned in the sea, was published stating that he had undergone torture including electrocution and was unconscious when he drowned.
And she invited King Mswati III of Swaziland. Sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch is estimated to be worth £100m by Forbes while many of his 1.2 million subjects, however, live in poverty. We're sure she can relate. disgusting

3. Andrew, the dodgy deals and the contempt for public and government opinion.
As a wedding present for Andrew and Sarah, Elizabeth had a mansion built on green belt land purchased through a secret company in which she was involved. The couple eventually left the mansion after their split and it was sold, for £3million over the market price of £12million (why?) to the son-in-law of the Kazakhstan president, who as well as being well known to Andrew through his connections as Trade Ambassador also has a child with Andrew's great friend Goga Ashkenazi. The mansion was then allowed to fall into dereliction (why?). documentary  newspaper
As Trade Ambassador, Andrew's “boorish behaviour” and ill-advised cultivation of friendship with dictators and even a convicted sex abuser eventually led to a growing clamour for him to step down or be sacked from that post. This included from members of parliament, government and many in the public and press. Elizabeth responded to this by deciding at that moment to award Andrew with the highest honour in her personal gift. mummy's hero Not surprisingly this prompted comments such as 'Get it through your heads, they don't care about you or your opinions. No hereditary dictatorship ever has.' 'you should be appalled that he was given the Order of the Garter several years back. That is supposedly the highest of all British honours but the Queen has cheapened it by decorating her youngest children with it as well as Prince William. At this point, most of the orders of chivalry are just membership badges to clubs that adorn the royal children just to make them appear important' 'proves once again that the Queen has nothing but contempt for the citizens of this country and has a single minded attitude in keeping, maintaining and promoting 'the Firm''

4. Making political comment.
Some monarchists will try to emphasise how “above politics” the monarchy is. The monarchy itself is at the poisoned heart of the Westminster political system which hands the Prime Minister monarchic powers through the royal prerogative and the Crown in parliament, but through this ancient dodgy deal the monarch is supposed, at least in public, to keep their heads down (for fairly obvious reasons) and their mouths shut. We can all see how this course of action has completely and utterly escaped Charles as any kind of modus operandi but monarchists claim that Elizabeth has adhered to it religiously. We have now seen that is no longer the case. Her weekly meetings with Prime Ministers and correspondence with government are secret so we have no idea what comments and lobbying on issues she indulges in at those, but recently the palace has taken the extraordinary step of making comment on issues where they obviously feel secure of popular support for their position - Abu Hamza and the financial crash comments prompting a statement from the FSA. Absolutely cynical choices. Paving the way for an 'activist king' as Charles has stated he wants to be? Without electoral mandate, that's a tyrant. 
If you want to stick your beaks into political matters get yourselves elected to something and if you haven't got the guts to do that, wind your necks in and accept citizenship which is the best gift you'll ever be offered. 

5. Breaking protocol to attend Margaret Thatcher's funeral, thereby anointing it as a state funeral in all but name and ramping up its security costs.
Margaret Thatcher planned her own funeral in collusion with previous Prime Ministers.  Inviting the monarch clearly was designed to ramp up its status as much as possible.  The monarch had previously only attended the funeral of one erstwhile Prime Minister - that of Winston Churchill, which was an actual state funeral and he had been the Prime Minister throughout a world war.  Margaret Thatcher, however, like her policies, philosophy and the destruction and damage they all caused was/is still viscerally loathed by large sections of the populace as someone who divided Britain both along geographic and class lines.  The equality which was beginning to formulate in the 60s and 70s when Britain was at its most equal ever and the Tories were running about planet Earth whining and complaining that the rich were getting poorer and the poor richer so they were threatening to leave with their money ("goodbye" is the right response at this point), was rent asunder as she sold off national asset and resource, attacked working people and industry and nurtured a culture of greed, selfishness and dog eat dog survival of the fittest mentality.  The current Prime Minister is attempting to reinforce all this once more.  Too late will those daily poisoned by right wing tabloid toxic waste poured into feeble, malleable minds, realise that you can't join the dogs who eat the dogs, unless you are a multi-millionaire or went to Eton, you're just another one of the eaten.  So now Scotland is leaving.  The tectonic SNP landslide which Holyrood's voting system was designed to make impossible happened only six days after the culmination of months and months of 24/7 hyperbole and inane propaganda which we were told was "The wedding to bring the whole nation together!".  Hmm, doesn't look like that worked.  Could anyone, anywhere possibly think this was 'the funeral to bring the whole nation together'?  How stupid are these people?  Pretty stupid it seems.  Cameron threw even the agreed plans out the window when he recalled Parliament to host an obscene 12 hour deification of the Prime Minister from Hell.  Recalling Parliament is supposed to be for national emergency only.  He may have been suffering some kind of emergency but nobody else was.  The palace (a building speaks again) sent out notifications that it had had concerns about attending but Elizabeth was going because Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister - rubbish!  She represents the most divisive, destructive, extreme political ideology and Cameron's ramping up of the funeral was all about the same thing.  Elizabeth attending was in absolute collusion and could not have been a more partisan act.  Mega, super, ultra, total FAIL, Elizabeth!  And do not imagine that getting the increasingly obviously state controlled BBC to ram Kate and William's baby down our throats from now til doomsday is going to distract us from getting rid of the prehistoric, oppressive Westminster system which is totally unfit for purpose as a 21st century democracy, which feudal circus the stupid monarchy is integral to.  You have been sussed.  If you're not flattered and delighted to be offered citizenship, take up your millions, AND GO!!!         

6. Elizabeth's main, obvious and historically condemning absolute failure is and always has been the failure to enter into sensible negotiation to extricate monarchy from government of the people. Uber, total, utter #FAIL, Liz.  
You have not risen above your very unfortunate circumstances at birth.

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