Wednesday, 12 December 2012

born free?

Reply sent on behalf of Elizabeth Windsor re our letter in the previous post: -

'Buckingham Palace

7th December, 2012

Dear Miss Smith,
 The Queen has asked me to thank you and all the signatories for your letter of 26th September, and I must first of all apologise for the delay in replying.  Due to the very high volume of mail received in recent weeks, it has not been possible to reply until now.
Her Majesty has taken careful note of your comments regarding the Monarchy and the Untied (sic) Kingdom, and I am to thank you for taking the time and trouble to let The Queen know of your views.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Sonia Bonici
Senior Correspondence Officer

Miss Marjory Smith and Signatories'

Of course, we have no queen and Elizabeth is not a majesty to us.

We can only wonder what can have been going through the heads of the human beings at the centre of the maelstrom of the last week or so.  The febrile boiling hotpot of media hyperbole and over-reaction to a tiny foetus is a manifestation of insanity itself.  We are told the titles this being will inherit on birth, we are told the position and role it will take in our future government.  Really?  Madness.  The solemn sonorous tones of the media sycophant, who has assimilated the royal accent that the two in the line of succession tried to lose, told us of what we are led to believe is the appalling consequence of some of this media attention, all well before the child is anywhere near being born and in the space of a few days of the announcement of its existence.  Common Sense and Reason, wrote Thomas Paine.  Rights.
For the love of all of these and much more besides we say again, end the monarchy now.
We wish everyone the rights to vote for their own government, stand for election, say what they think in public and determine their own destiny.  It's never too late.