Wednesday 10 April 2013

Queen awards Thatcher a state funeral

There are now several petitions calling for 'no state funeral' or 'no public money to be spent' on the funeral of Margaret Thatcher, current estimates of the cost of which have hit £10million on the front pages, with another estimated £10million security cost on top. How has this figure mushroomed so much? Well one major reason is that our 'neutral', 'above politics' head of state has broken protocol and chosen of her own volition to attend the event, despite senior and very well respected politicians rightly calling the arrangements for this funeral an insult to the people whose lives and communities Margaret Thatcher destroyed.
Many other elected representatives of the people are choosing not to attend the recall of Parliament today for the Cameron orchestrated deification of a woman regarded with unsurpassed loathing by many in Britain.
With commentators calling much of the media eulogising “inflammatory” Elizabeth Windsor's personal decision to attend a funeral which the Metropolitan police are concerned may spark serious civil unrest is not only foolhardy and reckless but an overtly politically partisan act flying in the face of the deeply held feelings and pain inflicted on the nation by Margaret Thatcher.
It is dubbed a 'ceremonial' funeral but the voluntary attendance of Elizabeth Windsor indeed underlines and anoints it a state funeral in all but name.
So know this, and be in no doubt, the person who insults you, who flies in the face of every person who signed every petition and voted in every poll against this, and who is causing yet more cost to the public purse, to which money she feels so astonishingly entitled anyway, is your overtly political, unelected hereditary monarch, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, your tyrant oppressor head of state.

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