Monday 26 June 2017

Please, don't bother on our account.

Harry Wales has recently stated that no member of the royal family wants the crown but they are apparently prepared to take up this onerous task when it befalls them, for "the greater good". 
We should perhaps first ask where Mr Wales has acquired his notion of what the greater good is and why he feels that his view of what it is should prevail over the divergent opinions of others?  Of course he has been brought up with the idea of monarchy being a necessary sop to the people both constantly rammed home and an accepted given but for their own good as well the greater one the royals should consider this premise may be entirely wrong.
All the good that Mr Wales wants to do could be done without insulting democracy by accepting an hereditary position in government and having secret, un-minuted meetings with the Prime Minister each week, without wielding veto to legislation, without encouraging a climate of snobbery, elitism and sycophancy, without squatting in publicly owned buildings and on publicly owned collections and without absorbing millions in public money every year for the entire extended family.  Everyone's human rights including his own would be vastly enhanced if the entire family hit the 'opt out' button.
You do not have to stymie your life to appease the emotional inadequacy of others.
When the TV celebrity Jade Goody died there were people lining the streets as her coffin passed and a woman interviewed on the rolling news declared her "Our Essex princess."  Which is entirely up to them.  But does this mean that Jade Goody's sons now should have a position in the council of Essex and be given houses to live in, a salary and consulted regularly on the governance of the shire?  That would be ridiculous, and monarchy is revolving itself around something very like this, these are its excuses.  Feeble-minded people who feel the need to grovel will always find someone to grovel after and if the groveller and grovellee are both happy, fine.  You could be an unofficial royal family - nothing to do with government but they can swan about and some people like it.  The pope resigned - not supposed to be able to happen either.
You would be doing us all a favour if you made a break for it, and stayed out of government and the public purse.     

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